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Jim Krause Music Instruction and More

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Jim Krause

Jim Krause moved to Kansas to attend Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas in the fall of 1971. While he was a student there, he developed an interest in the folk music of the United States. A work/study program in eastern Kentucky during Jim’s junior year furthered a continuing interest in American folk music. After completing his senior vocal recital, a pioneering venture that included both traditional and original material, Jim graduated from Bethel in May, 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal music performance.


Jim has been playing guitar since his teens, fiddle and banjo since the early ‘80s. In the early 2000s, he became interested in the folk traditions of fife and drum corps, having realized that many of the old fiddle tunes were used as marches by fifers during the early days of the Republic


He has performed and toured with such groups as The 97th Regimental Stringband, and The Euphoria Stringband. Since 2010, Jim has been playing 6 and 12 string guitars, fiddle, and singing in the countrypolitan band Getty Towhship

An instructor at the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, Kansas he specializes in finger picking guitar, old-time contra dance style fiddle, and the claw hammer style of banjo playing and is a former banjo contest award winner at the Fiddling and Picking Championships,  In 2017 Jim won the Kansas State Championship in finger picking guitar.